Friday, May 6, 2011

Samajwadi Party has given ticket to shri Ashok Anshwani of Kanpur from Govind nager.Lets Vote n support Ashok for the community

The Indian freedom struggle that started during the rule of the British Raj saw the emergence of great political fighters who fought hard for a free India.
Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel have become immortal in history. Amongst all these noblemen, even Sindhis have been active participants in the political arena since politics took a proper shape from 1950, when India became republic on January 26.
The most active and prominent person in Indian politics that belongs to the sindhi clan is the Former deputy Prime Minister of India, L K Advani, who is the guiding support of Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
The name of Dr. Choithram Gidwani should be mentioned when we talk about the great politicians as he is the sole man responsible to help Sindhis leave Sindh, when they were subjected to inhuman conditions and help them establish elsewhere.
Sindhis have made a dynamic contribution by actively participating in this mad rush of power and governance.L.K. Advani, Ram Jethmalani are just among the many names from the Sindhi community that have pledged to serve the country with their wholehearted dedication and efforts. From MLA's to MP's, you'll find Sindhis in every field of politics right here.Sh Kishan Motwani, Dr Mayaben Kodnani Sh Parmanand Khatter Sh Vasdeo Devnani Sh Giandev Ahuja Hasu Advani Sh Suresh Keswani Sh Ishwardas Rohani have added a feather in State politics.

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  1. Sindh's leaders were qualitatively the best in the whole country. Acharya Kirpalani (1888-1982) worked longest as General Secretary of Congress, a front rank leader for sixty historic years. Jairamdas Daulatram Alimchandani (1891-1978) was editor of The Hindustan Times and after partition became Governor of Bihar, Union Food Minister and later Governor of Assam province in India. Dr. Choithram (1889-1957) remained a life long public worker. It was through his efforts that reluctant Jawahar Lal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India agreed to compensate the Sindhi refugees for their property losses.
    Professor Ghanshyam Shivdasani a life long public worker was leader of Sindh Assembly.
    Professor N.R.Malkani (1860-1974) left teaching, joined Gandhiji and later took constructive work in Sindh. He helped influence Allah Bux in favor of Congress and introduced Congress to Pir Pagaro of the Hurs.

    After partition Bhai Partap worked hard to establish Sindhi Refugees in Gandhi Dham Kutch. Maharao of Kutch on Gandhiji's asking gave Kandla land for Sindhi Resettlement Corporation. Kandla Port and a new town was started in Gandhi Dham to settle Sindhi refugees. After several decades and dedicated work of several Sindhi Social workers, this place is finally showing the promise for a bright future. Indian Institute of Sindhology established at Adipur - Gandhidham is a center for advanced studies and research in Sindhi Literature and Culture.