Saturday, May 7, 2011

sindhi boli

जेकड॒हिं पंहिंजे घर में 
पंहिंजी मातृभाषा सिन्धीअ खे
 ज़िंदह रखणु चाहियो था 
त पंहिंजे बा॒रनि, 
घर जे सभिनी भातियुनि 
ऐं सभिनी सिन्धियुनि सां
 हमेशा सिन्धीअ में गा॒ल्हायो।

1 comment:

  1. Still sindh and sindhis are bond with each other no matter i born in india. Grieved to realise that government has done very less for sindhi people and its culture as compare to other languages causing afeeling of disassociation.appeal for more and more cultural sindhi programmes in north we are less in number but we are number one in courtesy good behavior social service sadai gadh hujo