Thursday, April 28, 2011

Asa'anji Saka'afat-------a Sindhi Culture And Customs

Oh, yes,my dearest mother Sindh,my jeejal mother,my beloved motherland,my sweet fatherland, they are gone! Your children - my brothers and my sisters, your loved ones and me - all have left. 
You nurtured them and nourished them with your life. 
You loved them and protected them with your blood, sweat and tears. 
Now, you are old, you are feeble, you are alone, you are under siege and you are dying! 
You need them!! They are there no more! They have left you to fend for yourself - they have foresaken you, they have abandoned you. Yes, tears of separation from them will kill you!
The culture of Sindh, this great mother of all civilizations, is so pure, sublime, unique and rich.But, where is it?
 I cannot find it! It is lost! The children of Sindh have gone all over the world, leaving their language, culture, heritage, traditions and, most of all, their very own mother behind. 
"Hayf-u tanheen khay ho-i, jan-i watan-o pahinjo visa'aryo" - 
"Shame on those who have abandoned their motherland!"
                                                                                    by    Fakir Bedil 

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  1. Fakir Bedil (born 1814), was a famous Sufi saint and poet from Rohri, in upper Sindh